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    Trademark renewal

    Trademark registration is valid just for 10 years. After 10-year trademark registration is going to expire. To renew regarding trademark features a process through which anyone can renew the trademark.

    Procedure for trademark renewal

    For trademark renewal, the owner of the trademark file trademark form [TM-12] before 6 months of trademark expire date. Once apply the renewal of the trademark it's important to see trademark status until the trademark register again. The trademark renewal form is applied before the delaine of the trademark to urge the continuous protection of the brand name.

    The Trademark renewal fee is Rs. 4500. If a trademark owner doesn't renew before the deadline then brand could also be susceptible to remove the trademark


    Required document for trademark renewal:

    Copy of trademark certificate that expires very soon.

    POA (Power of Attorney).

    Address prof of trademark owner like Aadhar card.

    Trademark Application copy.


    If the brand owner doesn't file a trademark renewal form before the last date of the trademark then he/she has 6 months to renew trade with a penalty as trademark late fees.

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Documents Required

  • TM-48 ( Power of Attorney)
  • Identity Proof with Address of the Owner (Adhaar Card, Voter Id, Driving License)
  • Certificate of Incorporation ( if the owner is Company)

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