Every Person wants to Grow their Business to earn high Profits, Therefore He Choose A Particular Name of Product so that he can sell their Products easily with a Specific name. Slowly & Gradually that specific name fix its identity in Market like COCA COLA, PEPSI, PEPSODENT, RIN, TIDE, VAKIL KARO etc. and goes into hights.

    Trademark is a Logo, Design, Slogan, Word of any Trade or Business from which such Trade or Business earns Revenue or Profits.

    Now, the Main Problem is a businessman who did such hard work to popular his business or Product name, gets some tensions that if his name got copied by someone else then what will he do. His Business Revenue will go down and a tree(business) which is Roped by him earlier, will cut down.

    Therefore, the Legal Remedy is to Protect such Valuable business or Product name to get Register your brand under Trademarks Act,1999


Package Include


  • Legal Protection
    Trademark registration legally protects the brand and its related business revenue, and no one else can copy it, if it is so, we can take a legal action.
  • Unique Identity
    Trademark registration helps to differentiates the brand from other persons, so that our business revenue goes up always.
  • Avoid Copiers
    When we registered our brand under Trademarks Act, that means the copiers are less in the market, because they know the brand is registered.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    When we register our brand under Trademarks Act, it shows we have rights on own intellectual property.
  • Goodwill Protection
    Trademark registration protects our brand goodwill as the customers trust on our brand name for a long term basis.


    Not Available

Document Required

  • TM-48 ( Power of Attorney)
  • Identity Proof with Address of the Owner (Adhaar Card, Voter Id, Driving License)
  • Logo (if available)
  • Certificate of Incorporation ( if the owner is Company)

Time Taken

Video Tutorial