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    PATENT SEARCH is a procedure, by which we search the patent invention before filing a patent application whether it registered somewhere or not.


    There ae different ways to search Patent before filing.


    Keyword Search:


    First, you will have to collect the keywords highly relevant to your invention or patent. The keyword search can just be used while in the search parameters – title, abstract, claims, and description. The patent search can be performed while using keywords in conjunction with ‘Boolean Operators' and ‘Wild Cards '. The search engine results will demonstrate in 2 columns. Inside the left column, the appliance number/patent number, title, application date and status will display. Good collection of a row while in the left column, details [Bibliographic Data, Specification, and Status] of the patent application/granted patent will display while in the right column. Further, you can enjoy information of Bibliographic data, the patent specification, and application/patent status while in the respective tab. However, you will find there's limitation to showcase the volume of search records nearly 1000 and 25 records per page.


    Applicant Name Search:


    The Indian patent search database makes it simple to search for patent applications/patents by entering the applicant against established track record row. All you have to do is enter in the Applicant's name and press search. The outcome will display the title off inventions published or granted while in the name for you to entered.


    Inventor Name Search:


    Just like applicant name search, it's also possible to search the inventor name in established track record row and the result display.


    In addition to the above searches, you possibly can perform various search queries to retrieve the outcome based on your requirements. Also, you can read the ‘Help' provided on the tab for additional details on utilizing Boolean operators and Wild cards. If you are familiar with USPTO patent search or WIPO patent search, you can conduct the patent search in India.


    Patent E-register:


    The Indian patent search database means that you can the confirm the legal status of the granted patent. Inside the ‘Patent E-register' tab, enter the patent number across the displayed code and click on to Show E-register. The outcome will display the legal status of the patent, date next renewal date, and Bibliographic data of patent.


    Application Status:


    Much like patent grant search, the Indian patent search database means that you can confirm the status of the patent application. Inside the ‘Application Status' tab, enter the appliance number along with the displayed code and then click ‘Show Application Status '. The outcome will display information of application for instance application number, applicant number, date of filing, priority date, a title of the invention, publication date and as well application status. Besides, you can view all of the documents highly relevant to the patent application while in the ‘View Documents' tab provided on the bottom page of result.


    Documents For required for filing a Patent in India

    Complete specification of invention, in English readable format

    KYC of an Inventor (Like Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voter ID)

    KYC of an Applicant (Like Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voter ID) (if an applicant is different from an Inventor).

    Copy of English Translation of the priority application (when the conventions application has to be filled)

    Drawing Formats of an invention, if available

    Time Taken—

    3-7 days



    1. Major Chances of Registration of an invention under Patent- After Search, there has been clarity and more chances to get register the invention under Patents Act.
    2. Money Saviour – If we go for the Patent search in prior to the direct application and found that someone has already it.


    Package Includes

    1. Patent Search filing
    2. Patent Monitoring


    Time Taken

    7 days estimated





    After receiving of all the required documents our team expert will start work with due care and will provide you a good solution about the patent that it is registrable or not. The overall process of searching of patent takes at least 7 days or more.




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