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    Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is the flagship of the Indian government which monitors and governs the food business in India. It’s the main work for food business operators like manufacturing, trading, and food storage. In FSSAI, 14-digit registration or license which printed on all the food packages. This license number gives details about the state, producer permit.

    FSSAI license is classified into three types according to two turnover and purpose of work:

    a. Basic License (Petty Food Business)

    b. State License (Medium Food Business)

    c. Central License (Large Food Business)


    Basic License:

    ? The annual turnover of the firm/organization does not exceed 12 lacks.


    State License:

    ? Annual turnover of firm/organization above 12 lacks and not exceed 20crore.

    ? For manufacture firm/organization.


    Central License:

    ? Annual turnover of firm/organization above 20 crores.

    ? For that firm/organization those products import and export one state to another state.

    ? For that firm/organization those branches in two or more states.





    Package Included: FSSAI License




    By obtaining the FSSAI License, it provides legal status, builds goodwill, and ensure food safety. Also, it helps regulate, manufacture, storage, distribution, and sales of import food. FSSAI helps to increase expand the business.

    To build goodwill and connect to the customer’s firm/organization can print the FSSAI logo.


    Document Required:


    For Basic Level:


    ? Photo of the owner of the business.

    ? Identity proof of document like-aadhar card, Pan Card, Passport, etc.

    ? NOC of the municipality if have.


    For State Level:


    ? Form B duly complete with a sign

    ? The layout of the plan of processing unit showing the dimensions in meters or square meter

    ? KYC (name, photo, e-mail id, address,) of all Directors/ partners/ Proprietor.

    ? List of product category.

    ? Board Resolution for authority letter.

    ? In partnership firm/LLP case partnership deed.

    ? NOC and license from manufacture.

    ? Food Safety and management plan or certificate.






    For Central Level:


    ? LLP Deed if it's LLP

    ? Aadhar Card & PAN Card of the partners

    ? Business Premises Address Proof: Rental Agreement / Sale Deed, with electricity bill or property tax receipt

    ? List of food product on company letterhead with seal & sign

    ? List of equipment on company letterhead with seal & sign

    ? Photo of the unit (Storage, packing, production, etc.., 7 to 8 photos)

    ? The layout of the Factory (with feet, sign & seal and printed on the company letterhead)

    ? NOC from the manufacturer in case of Relabellers & Repackers

    ? NOC from the landlord (If Rental Agreement or Electricity Bill not in your name/company name)


    Time Taken: 15-20 estimated days



    Q. What is the validity of the period of the fssai license?

    A. FSSAI license is valid until canceled by FSSA. But if the license does not renew before the expiry date than the license canceled.

    Q. which license required to sell food items one state to another state of India?

    A. Central level license required.

    Q. If the warehouses are located in the same city but different locations then a separate license for each location is required?

    A. Yes, however, if multiple warehouses are on the same campus, a single license applies to a campus address.




    Q. What is improvement notice and who issued the Improvement notice?

    A. The improvement notice is the notice issued by the Designated Officer if FBO fails to comply with the regulations as mentioned in Section 32 of the FSS Act, 2006.

    Q. What is a food recall and what is its purpose?

    A. “Recall” means action taken by the FBO to recant any food from the market which is not complying Section 28 of the FSSAI Act, 2006.

    Q. Which license is required by a food business operator to run a food business in more than two states?

    A. Consumers can connect to FSSAI through various channels. Consumers can register their accusation and feedbacks about food safety object related to adulterated food, unsafe food, substandard food, labeling defects in food and spurious claims & advertisements related to various food products.





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